My nephew (19) is a very dangerous driver, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Ya know. Im a reckless driver myself. Been caught 4 times. Should have lost my license but police invited me to come to the station to explain myself. I was a peice of shit for driving reckless. Way worse than your family guy, i did +70kmh easily. Point being. It would be good if he got caught but not that hed lose his license instantly. No ones gonna learn from that. And do you really think he'll stop driving if they take his license away? If it were me id still drive and just as reckless, if not more. I wouldnt care about a license, if he did, why would he drive like that. Sometimes you gotta feel the heat, but not burn yourself. They made me come to them and explain myself, i did, they were accepting, and told me that if anything similar happens again theyll have to take away my license.

I didnt believe it at first but damn did that work. It kinda was a realization moment for me. Taking away someones license isnt the best solution.

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