My new Cinderella Castle oil painting! 30x40, oil on canvas

That's a lot of effort to make that point.. Didn't really change much though. Sure, dudes don't get the comments. Dudes don't really do it as much as girls though, which is probably the reason for the lack of comments and the root of the matter is that people are awkward, thirsty animals. Posts with attractive people posing next to pictures get more upvotes than the pictures themselves, because humans like sex.

Most of the comments I happen across also seem to be more like "Attractive girl + art, see you on the front page bois" instead of direct ridicule

Personally I'm a bit more concerned with people bitching about it. It's nature, it'll never change. Attractive things will always get more attention, regardless of genitalia. It's frustrating that dudes have to bitch about it every time a girl posts a pic next to her art, cuz there's no point to it. Attractive things get more attention, you want more attention to your art you include an attractive person. If a person wants their art to be seen by more people, why is anyone gonna complain about them taking advantage of that? Pointless.

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