My new job takes 2% of my tips for CC fees; is this normal?

I don't see how that helps the business significantly, and honestly as a small business owner - I just can't see doing that to my team members.

We add a few for credit cards to our clients, but we still don't cover all of it.

They hit us with a percentage AND a card reading fee of 10¢ per, so our credit card charges are roughly 3.5% of credit card sales on average.

We charge 2.6% at the register, that seems to cause the least uproar.

But... With everyone on staff getting decent pay with tips, the only hiring we've had to do is to simply expand, not replace. We have people that have been with us for 3 years now (since opening).

Don't tax your employees. Don't give them anything negative to point out. We will be forced to close without them, and they should feel like we recognize that.

People absolutely do not understand how tough your jobs are.

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