My New Main?

Xbal is fun, and the mana cost changes on his 1 make him even more fun. He's a character that really takes advantage of experience-- and I mean like hours of game time experience. To get a great feel of when his damage will get YOU a kill or not is rewarding. Biggest thing, make sure you upgrade your 2 first obviously, and because of his 1 bonus damage, late game he does really good with crit. Crit goes really well with lifesteal.

If you're gonna struggle with lane clear hard, probably pick up bluestone bumbas, otherwise deaths toll and bumbas. Get power boots then dev gloves. Farm those dev gloves. Get Exec, it's great rn. Then get a crit item of your choice (usually poison star first unless you're ahead), then sell starters for usually your deathbringer and a situational item, whether it's more crit or O-bow. And lastly when you get all that gold, sell power boots for attack speed boots if you get that far into the game. Hope this input helps!

DT-Bluestone + Bumbas/Boots/Dev Gloves/Exec/Shuriken/ Sell Starters / Crit/Crit/Situational

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