My open letter to Trump supporters. I dont get it

I'm only going to touch on two points.....those refugees being torn from their families? Those pics were PROVEN to be from during the Obama administration and even so it has been acknowledged that proper procedure had to be followed to help stop the sex trafficking of children and the spread of infectious disease....which did not have seen risings in stuff like scabies, lice, measles, etc...all from immigrants who by the way were not your friendly Mexican fruit pickers, but a mothershitton from Pakistan, eritrea, Somalia, Albania, etc....all Muslim areas yet the Obama administration sent the catholic refugees back to Syria to be slaughtered...yep, that happened, it is a fact. Next thing....You asked if I'd read the Bible....yes I have. If I had not , then why do you think I would know for an absolute fact that the Bible explicitly states not to help the Muslims....does it use the word Muslim? No. Islam had not been invented. Their alleged prophet dude had not been born, much less had his flying donkey hallucination yet. However, Muslims are direct descendents( not only according to history, but according to their own Koran) of those that God banned from ever entering the gates of heaven for all eternity.....Like I said, it's in there, just like Prego spaghetti sauce.

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