It is of my opinion

Lets think of ways a company can further its profits.. might be a good idea to sell attachments that are endorsed by professionals. Professionals that gather consumers to buy these products. So every pro that uses a scuff is sponsored by scuff and is paid by yupp you guessed it... scuff. For them to say scuff is bad is not in their interest so. Fake news.

I did say I can see advantages to having extra buttons and it would almost surely give you an advantage over the average user or controller.

But there are those out there that will buy this controller looking at it as a way to get better or improve. But in reality they can’t grasp the game dynamic, they have terrible map/general awareness and so on.

One guy I play with bless him scuff controller whole 9 yards to be a hardware better gamer but has zero awareness. Constantly asking where are you, where are they (targets) he doesn’t know left from right kinda bad. But hey.. the skins and snazzy controller give him bragging rights over his -500kd

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