My opinion as a female MCU fan:- Most people don't dislike Captain Marvel because she's a strong female character. Wanda, a very strong female character is currently one of the most popular characters.

I think Marvel did this best with Jessica Jones. Kilgrave physically is no threat to Jessica, but the mind control was written in a very threatening way. The show was widely praised. In the Captain Marvel movie, the intellectual and emotional manipulation by the Supreme Intelligence wasn’t nearly threatening enough. The Kree implant holding back her powers was barely an obstacle. Yon Rogg needed more control/connection to her like he did in the comics. Lackluster villain writing.

MCU has handled other overpowered characters adequately but it took them time. Thor has a lot of emotional hang ups, immaturity, etc. that he has to work through multiple films. Hulk (as disjointed as it’s been due to the rights issue) has had an arc of his coming to terms with his strength and the responsibility it creates.

They forced Carol’s entire arc into 1 movie to insert her into massive global event film. She didn’t have any time. Her film needed to be earlier. She needed to be in Guardians 2 where Ego is powerful enough to hand her a resounding defeat. Then have her join forces with Guardians and help them win. Also would explain her dealing with other major problems in the space without time for earth… and gives her a chance to acknowledge… yeah I’ve read the reports, I know the Avengers.

A couple movies of building up before landing in a global event with well loved characters would have eased up the hate.

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