My opinions of sgi from an outsiders point of view

Uau lovemy2lilboo, your take on the subject is quite impressive and accurate from an outsiders pov. by bullet points. You have truly grasped the concept of SGI. I only wish I'd done as well as you some years back ... would've saved me a lot of trouble.

If you truly wish to do something about it you'll need the big guns; This is only my take/opinion on the subject, but, because SGI members are so indoctrinated regarding the Cult'Org. and the mentor, and invariably know very little about the core ideas/concepts behind the movement itself - That is, Nichiren's Buddhism.

I'll give you One sentence/paragraph from Nichi's writings for you to ponder on:

The second time was the twelfth day of the ninth month of the eighth year of the Bun’ei era (1271), at the hour of the monkey (3:00–5:00P.M.), when I said to Hei no Saemon-no-jō: “Nichiren is the pillar and beam of Japan. Doing away with me is toppling the pillar of Japan! Immediately you will all face ‘the calamity of revolt within one’s own domain,’ or strife among yourselves, and also ‘the calamity of invasion from foreign lands.’ Not only will the people of our nation be put to death by foreign invaders, but many of them will be taken prisoner. All the Nembutsu and Zen temples, such as Kenchō-ji, Jufuku-ji, Gokuraku-ji, Daibutsu-den, and Chōraku-ji, should be burned to the ground, and their priests taken to Yui Beach to have their heads cut off. If this is not done, then Japan is certain to be destroyed! (WND I: 66 The Selection of the Time, p, 579)

Understanding the core ideas of Nichiren is not an easy task, I don't think it's even useful ... That's why I believe in nutshelling it in one neat sentence to serve many purposes.

Good luck with your struggle mate!

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