My other trashcan is a Ferrari.

Finally a relevant story! I've met the owner is a car like that. Totally unexpected. Had a date with a girl I met online. Gorgeous. Way out of my league. School teacher with gorgeous blue eyes and a great body. Date went shockingly well. Two drinks in she told me I could stay at her house if I wanted (I liked her but wanted to go slower). Date goes so well I missed my train home. She said she can drive me to a nearby train station so I don't have to hang around for an hour. Fine. Then she gets quiet. Says she has to warn me: her car is a mess and she'll only take me if I promise not to judge. She's hot so I said I'd never judge her for something so silly. She said ok and we walked to the car. She made me stop 50 feet away and said she was going to clean up the best she could. I figured she was being silly so I argued. She said seriously - unless I wanted to sit on her lap I needed to wait. Fine. A few minutes pass. Then 10. Then 20! And I'm standing there in the snow. Finally she comes back and tells me it's the best she can do. Makes me promise again i won't judge. I get to the car and almost faint. There is room to sit on the seat but nothing more. Fast food wrappers at seat level and all the way down. Zero visibility out of the back window. Smells musty but not like garbage so that was good. I put my ass on the seat but have trouble getting my legs up and over the pile. Now im sitting knees to chest. Have to wriggle my feet down to the floor and I'm praying there's no rats! Mind you, this is after she cleaned for 15 minutes. She asks if I'm judging her and I say of course not. She asks if I want to come home with her and I politely decline. She drives me to the train and we kiss passionately under the garbage until my train.

I get on the train and she begs me to come her the next day. After I slept with her I never spoke to her again. It was horrifying but If not for the car we might be married. Then again if she was sane I wouldn't have had a shot with her. What scares me is that she had a 7 year old daughter and taught 8th grade history. Shaping the minds of Americas youth....

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