My own country of Canada just kicked me out because my Covid immunity was acquired naturally and not from a vaccine

Currently on my way back home to America after a trip visiting grandparents in India and I've never appreciated the freedom we have more. In India you can't go for a fucking walk in open air with no one around without wearing a mask. If a cop sees you it's a heavy fine, even if you're completely alone. And it's even worse in the UK. I'm writing this from Heathrow airport in London and the situation here is halfway to 1984. On the British Airways flight here they required everyone to wear a face shield on top of the masks everyone already has on and threatened to put you on a no-fly list if you didn't. Plus, the person in the middle seat was given full paper scrubs covering all their clothes. I'm sorry but unless you're a doctor/nurse currently in the surgery room you're a fucking idiot if you wear scrubs. Luckily only a few of the flight attendants were anal about it and it ended up not being an issue but still, the fucking security theatre around this whole thing is ridiculous. Oh and the best part? Every single person on the plane took off their masks while eating. Why the fuck is that allowed if this virus is so contagious? Are you immune while eating? Not to mention everyone on the plane has a negative covid test taken within the past 72 hours. And here at the airport I'm sitting and eating maskless surrounded by other maskless people but the second I get up masks are back on. And if I wanna go out to London during my layover that's not an option because I'd have to do a fucking 10 day quarantine first. Thank god we live in a free country. Even the most liberal of states (I live in CA) is infinitely more free than pretty much anywhere else in the world. At least we're still allowed to go outside.

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