My paranormal experiences that changed my life.

I think that’s something that posting this has made me realize. There were a lot of reasons why I couldn’t but I should have tried. I had the only key to D’s house, all the doors were locked, and I would have known if the house was broken into. When I saw the food bowl I literally just couldn’t think straight, it was the most scared I’d ever been in my entire life and I just walked backwards out of the door while I looked at it. P was barking in the living room when I shut the door and locked it. I remember exactly how he jumped and barked as I shut the door and locked it. And I could hear him barking as I walked to my car. My gf was so confused as to why I walked backwards she was laughing, then I got in and saw that I was crying. I regret not taking him, a lot. Leaving that house was the best decision of my life, and I hope that when I left it also left itself, and so it would love P alone.

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