My parents are not happy unless I am constantly working

I cannot find a job. I'll repeat that again, I am unable to find part time, or full time employment, I am a student as of right now and I cannot find a job, I am not looking for you to say 'yeah you don't need a job you can just do nothing yeah', I'm trying and I can't find one.

How come you are the only person who's seeing it from this perspective?

No one I know pays rent except for some guy who's in his 30s living at home working night shift because he's frugal with money and he has little to no formal education.

Arguably nothing better to do is outright not true.

I chose to stay home because I'm writing songs, producing music, posting covers, buying and selling clothes online, learning about the stock market and portfolio management while also preparing myself for college next year, not to mention I'm constantly looking for means to self employment as a substitute for not only part time work but for college itself.

I want advice dealing with my mother who diminishes everything I do as something that takes 10 minutes. Less than an hour ago I fixed the lawnmower, cut the grass out the front while continuing to fix the lawnmower until we can properly replace it or the broken parts. It took just shy of two hours, it needed to me done so I did it, I went to put it away and my mother came out giving out that she surely I could cut the back garden again to 'keep it neat' despite having cut it 3 days ago. She then went off that I don't do anything ever, I brought up that I fixed the lawnmower that was/is royally fucked and she said 'ah that was only pumping a tyre, sure that was just fun to do'.

I can't just say no or else she continues to go on about it an guilts me into doing it. My fathers advice is just 'ah just keep her happy' but she's never happy, she's a perfectionist who gives the work to others.

I'm looking for a solution. I repeat once again that I cannot find a job, despite the fact that I would rather earn a steady stream of money, I do not mind helping out around the house, it's even enjoyable at times but if I were to what she asks of me I would have full time employment doing work around the house that should be evenly split among the family.

I can see your point but I can not agree with you on it.

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