My parents denied me vaccinations as a child. Today, I was finally able to take my health into my own hands!

I'm also terrified of the dentist and didn't go for about a decade. I also spent most of my teenage years not bothering to brush my teeth, like an absolute moron. I finally plucked up the courage to go when I cracked one of my lower molars chewing something a few months ago. I was also terrified and ashamed. I researched dentists the specialise in nervous patients, and found one who does twilight sedation.

The dentist was honest, took x-rays and examined everything and said I had a lot of holes in my teeth but they were still fixable. First step was a root canal to save broken tooth and then 4 fillings on the same corner. Before that could happen, I had to have a cleaning which was uncomfortable but not painful and felt amazing afterwards.

I was nervous as fuck for the big day of the root canal and fillings. I was booked in for a 3 hour session and had to arrange to have someone bring me home. Went in and dentist and nurse were in the room. My blood pressure was taken, my pulse was monitored by a thing they put on your finger and after finding a vein, the dentist fitted a small plastic cannula in my arm to give him access to administer the IV sedative which was called midazolam, a benzodiazepine.

I remember the dentist saying you might feel a bit light headed, a lovely warm feeling flushing through me and then next thing I remember is waking up and everything was done. It was amazing, and such a game changer. Fear of dentist is completely removed. I was fine about 20 minutes after waking up too, and had no hangover the next day. I'd highly recommend this if its an option where you are located. I just need a few more fillings and whitening and dentist says I'm good to go as long as I brush, floss and keep up my 6 monthly cleaning appointments.

I've also made a huge effort to cut down on sugar (I don't drink coke/fanta etc and rarely eat chocolate or sweets) and I cut down hugely on carbs like white bread and pasta as they also are bad for teeth. Happy side effect is I've a healthier mouth and also lost about 21lbs just by doing so.

Best of luck!

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