My parents forced me into college and I do worse every semester

As in what's my current situation, or what should you do after that? Cause currently im just wasting my life doing nothing. I feel helpless, almost like moving out is an unattainable dream. I need to get a better paying job to move out, or find someone to be my roommate. Both are hard tasks, my parents were shit at actually parenting so it's like I'm a mile behind the rest of the world. I feel lost. But I know living here is not good for me, so I have to try to force myself to do something, but it's so hard when your body feels like a sack of bricks that can't move cause what's the point you know. I hate college, I hate work, and I hate life, myself, and existing. So what do you do with that? Lately I've literally just been acting like a normal person, but as soon as I get home I get hit with all these thoughts and feelings. So I do the next best thing and smoke weed to feel "happy," or at least forget how I feel for about an hour or two. I honestly don't see myself living to old age, maybe 30 at the most is good enough for me. Sorry for the long response, sort of just started venting a little. But for what you should do? I don't know, I could give advice, but really if you've dropped out of college then welcome to the club pal cause we are in the same situation of dropped out and living at home. And this is the biggest road block I've come across so far, and when you're not even comfortable talking to your own parents it's rough trying to figure life out.

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