My parents never let me go trick or treating as a kid. Let's do this.

I only really got to go once, so I understand how you feel. I remember being taken trick or treating by my father when I was around 4, I think.

My mom wanted me to be Mr. T, who was really famous back then, as The A-Team was the new hit show. She took the clippers and and shaved my hair into a mohawk. It was pretty convincing, I had a pair of coveralls and a red shirt. She took shoe polish and painted my hands, arms, and face.

I though it was great, not knowing at the time how bad it was. My dad came home and got made, saying I wasn't going out dressed like that. He made me take a bath, which only took off part of the polish. He said he wasn't mad at me, and I could still go trick or treating. I had to put on some old clothes, put a bandana on a stick, and go as a hobo. We lived in the country, so "town" was about 3 miles away.

He drove me into the local neighborhood in his truck, and said that i was to walk to each house and he'd follow in the truck until I had been to all of them. I got out and ran to the first house, ran the door and yelled "Trick or treat!" Just then i hear the motor of my fathers truck race and he peeled out, leaving me miles from home.

Being so young and scared, I ran after him. but after a mile got tired. I was alone out on a country road in the pitch black darkness. You hear a lot of noises in the country at night. I made it home some time later. I eventually got up the courage to continue on, but I still have nightmares about it to this day.

My mother had another "headache" and had gone to bed early. She didn't even realize I was gone. I had to bang on the door until she angrily got up and ask what I thought I was doing outside. I told her what happened, and she hit the roof.

Daddy never did come back home. I found him years later, but he wanted nothing to do with me. He died a few years later.

My mother always blamed me for him leaving and things were never the same after that night.

Anyway, that looks like a great mix of candy to give to the kids. You'll be "the" house to go to, giving out full sized candy bars that night. Happy Halloween!

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