My parish-cluster is going heretic

You raise good questions. What I can say is that there are still many orthodox (lower o) Catholics in Germany.

There is of course the argument of making a clean slate. Maybe I'm in favor of it; even if it may damn me. Just so that the future may learn: The bottom line of Christianity is His holy blood saves us! Christ's death and resurrection is the narrative. If you talk about Communion this may be what's at stake. Blood, even if figuratively must be shed.

Then, if you've got 20% (or 5?) of orthodox Catholics in a diocese would you label them schismatics because the bishop is? This may be an argument against the label. 'And the Lord said to him: If I find in Sodom fifty just within the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake.'

The Supreme Pontiff or at least the Roman Curia may think about these arguments. Hopefully they do. Catholics in Germany have the advantage of spiritually living at the fringe. Even if we're not labeled diaspora (money talks!) we are at the front line.

If I had one simple wish, just one, it would be the Supreme Pontiff sends all of his missionaries to Germany. We're at the periphery.

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