My perfect Call of duty.

So before I start I just want to say this is MY OPINION! So don't get but they you read something you don't like cause I might be wrong or you think differently. This just my opinion on the multiplayer. Thanks.

I've played call of duty for over years since Call of duty 4 Modern warfare. As years pass I seen my ups and downs in each call of duty multiplayer. Rhe main problem I see in these call of duties is how these company's just over look things or for. Put full thought in a idea they have created. The maps the make look great, but fail to have good spawns. A great example of this advance warfare. Sledgehammer has this great concept of adding a expo suit that increases a persons movement. This adding new life to this old franchise. Now the problem with this is it hadn't been fully thought of. Yes the exo works fine 99% of the time but it's how fast the person move. You literally move so fast you can run to people's spawn. God help you if you get spawns trap.

A big factor in ANY call of duty is of course, the weapons. This is a idea that I feel companies look over SOOOOO easily. U.S. Let's make a gun that shoots like this and has stats like this blah blah blah blah. They do this for like a hundred or 50 weapons and have a good design and look cool. The problem comes in when the company makes only TWO reliable weapons. Maybe you can argue a handful but still. WTF. I bought a game for mulitplayer and I can only use two weapons that actually work good. You can use other weapons for a more challenge and stuff which is fine. BUT the majority of people use only TWO of the all the guns. Advance warfare is not the only call of duty with this problem. Their are many call of duties you can argue but I feel Call of duty ghost literally is a great example of this. Man how the only gun people use is the vector. So I feel like call of duty should each gun work differently and to be Unique with its working and it's stats but to the point were all the guns are able to use so it a bigger selection of what weapons instead of being "what should I use? The Bal or Asm1"?

Now this is a idea that I feel most of early call of duty missed out on. Customization. Thank God Blacks op 3 new gunsmith system really makes your gun unique with how it works. I'm going to call out sledge hammer right now. Who came up with the variant weapons. Please fire them. Like the idea isn't bad. You give people who aren't good at the game a weapon that gives them a little boost to help them out. It also adds new features to weapons you already play with so giving you more variety. This another concept which was not fully thought out. They made many variants. But half are useless and the other half are OP!!!!! It gave people so much a boost that the only way you can do good is if you have the same weapon which you either have to hope you get, rank up ( which means play more of a game that is so repetitive since their is only two Good guns with op variants), or buying advance supply drops. The only thing sledgehammer did a great job of concerning customization which was the armor you could unlock. That's what made it worth to buy the supply drops. They should of use the same idea with gun camos. Just look at csgo. Do you know how much money they make from people just trying to buy gun skins and new knifes. God would sledgehammer made a ton dough.

In general, companies overlook great ideas or don't full look into their concepts which lead to errors or make a great idea seem so bad. My perfect call of duty is one that has perfect game mechanics and gives the will to keep playing. I love the Call of duty franchise and do t want to see it end in such disgrace with these awful titles. Hopefully Black ops 3 is able to capture my thoughts and put them to work.

Love to hear other people's opinions on this.

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