My personal GwG/Free spreadsheet with links

Last night on this post: I mentioned that I'd made a spreadsheet where I had put all my X1 content together so It is all easy access from PC, including filesizes (according to the Microsoft store) I've made a duplicate of the spreadsheet and removed most things that I have purchased or won from giveaways (some might have slipped through) so the majority of it should be GwG titles, free games, and apps. I am British but made most of the links regionless but there may be some that direct to the /en-gb/ store as opposed to your local (which I am guessing for most people is /en-us/)

I'm sharing this with you all hoping that it will help you build your own as sometimes games can disappear and like in that post yesterday about FH2 going missing that going into this will be much faster than searching. Be aware this is not EVERY Games with Gold title, just the ones that I own personally - I don't always have gold, I don't currently but know there is usually a $1/£1/€1 deal or 3 months for the price of 1 at US Thanksgiving so I am holding off until then, I'll likely lose out on Ninja Gaiden but having not played any in that series and a huge backlog it is not an issue for me, thanks to waiting till just after midnight on the 1st/16th of the month when I do apply it I get an extra game out of it. Although, if the 12 month codes return to MS rewards I'll be grabbing one immediately so that will be moot. There is not much that is pre-2017 on here, I just lucked out on cheap deals across the last year and a half, although annoyingly if I'd missed the Portuguese store glitch I'd be set for 2.5 more years as I'd've bought 3 at 22,500 when they were hot deal last

I basically used this: for X1 titles and sat down with pen and paper doing the 360 stuff on my 360, searching for the link on the site after, which was a lot more tedious

There will be somethings region specific (iPlayer likely won't work in the USA) so I recommend copying the whole lot to your own google drive and editting it from there

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