My pitbull wont let my newborn out of her sight. She is a good girl!

My husband and I adopted a pit mix back in April, she was given up for adoption because her owner was living with her dad and Arianna attacked his dog for trying to take her bone and they told us she had some food aggression. So I was very careful when introducing her to the cat I already had, and then I was careful again about introducing her to the new kitten.

She absolutely adores that kitten, she's so patient with him. He likes to play with her and she'll just sit there licking him. My husband had to start putting her in the office to keep the kitten from stealing some of her food, also he was interested in her bone, and I was pretty worried about that since that's why she was given up in the first place, she growled a little but once she realized he wasn't going to try and take it she was fine.

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