My recent ex [20f] has a daughter [4] who I [21m] loved like my own now that we've broken up I can't see her.

It got to the point to where her daughter would sometimes accidentally call me daddy and I would be okay with it because I honestly felt like I was.

This is NEVER okay. You are NOT this childs father and no matter what you think of the actual father (piece of crap), to this little girl, he is "Daddy." To allow her to call you daddy without immediately correcting her is confusing to a 4 year old. To allow her to be confused like that because it makes you feel good is just shitty.

I know fathers day is coming up tomorrow and the thought of not getting to spend it with her sucks because I've spent almost everyone with her.

Too bad. You aren't a father. Deal with it. You come across as creepy (to me, at least). You almost sound as if this child was the only reason you were in this relationship to begin with. Single mothers have to constantly be vigilant that the new man they introduce to their child(ren) aren't simply using them (the mother) to get closer to their kids (targets). You're over attachment to this child is disturbing, especially considering your easy dismissal of the mother in this scenario (Gee, i really miss my ex, sure would be nice to spend a day with her again)

I loved that little girl like my own

You don't know what that feels like. You only think you do.

now all of the sudden I can't see her which is driving me insane

Do you even see how disturbing that sentence is?

and I'm not sure what I should do about it.

Nothing. You should do absolutely nothing. Forget this child. She isn't yours and if you try to contact the mother to get close tot he child, she will pick up on that and you will find yourself on the wrong end of a restraining order.

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