My recent Molten Core raid very clearly depicted the two types of raid leader.

The capslock draws attention.

I've said repeatedly that the content of the shouty RL's messages is fine. Ideal even.

The content is fine, everything is fine, but you're upset over capslock?

You're arguing over effectively nothing then? You're arguing what, hypotheticals about how someone else might feel that isn't you?

I'm in a progression pushing guild. Our raid leader is very quiet and calm. He'll still simply talk over us if we're blabbering on about useless shit when we should be pulling faster, or whatever. He's not the type, in all the years I've raided with him, to get pissy about dumb shit or even yell at someone who is obviously fucking up. But he will just talk over us to get us to shut up.

This is exactly the same type of thing. It is getting relevant information across all the other useless shit that gets spammed in LFRs with usually about 3/4s of the raid jacking off doing nothing.

You're part of the problem if you start ripping on a raid leader giving quality information to the group because you're imagining a tone that isn't there. You used that word, tone. He is direct. Get your head out of your ass, pretend you're a grown up and take the direction and enjoy the game. If you have a better way of doing it and want to deal with 39 people who may or may not be useless assholes, send him a tell and you do it.

And just a tip. Most any decent guild did guild runs in MC. So all the players who can smoke that shit in a heartbeat with zero communication, they aren't in there with you. Your chances of getting players that a) don't play much b) don't understand mechanics c) too young/stupid to listen, is much higher than normal. It is heavily skewed.

I'll finish this up with stating the obvious, you're not going to agree with me obviously about anything I said. This isn't a casual/not casual thing. This is a people who like to use their time efficiently in the game, and those that are ok logging on for 3 or 4 hours and maybe getting something done, maybe not. Shit tons of people labeled "casuals" play far more than someone in a progression guild. They just have different expectations and different effort put into preparation.

Some people enjoy just wandering around smelling the roses, others want to get things done. Generally in all my experience with all types of players, the assholes are the ones who don't mind wandering around and screwing everyone else's time away. They don't grasp that when they aren't soloing their actions impact other people.

You making stupid arguments about caps lock and somehow finding that offensive markedly places you in the group that would rather find something to be insulted by and start shit over nothing.

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