My schizoid personality

I understand what you mean and I agree with much of what you say.

I was rebellious a few years ago, now I am too lazy for that. Rare are the times where I rebel and if I rebel then I have already thoroughly thought about the consequences and I decided it was something worth rebelling. I don’t rebel for merely wanting to antagonize. I am not as rebellious as other peers. I follow rules and I enjoy following and sometimes even studying them, if the outcome is worth the effort.

As I said in other comments in this post I am not a misanthropist. I just find it annoying and pathetic what some people do and society finds them acceptable. I look down on people but I acknowledge my supremacy, inferiority and sometimes even equality in some things towards people. I am open minded and I like to try new stuff, but not physically. I am physically lazy yet mentally and psychologically active. So for example I watch documentaries and read about stuff that will extend my general knowledge in topics that I may not know much about.

It is true that I will miss a lot of “fun” with other people, but I do not find what they consider “fun” fun but rather a waste of energy and believe me I am open minded and I have tried stuff but I simply don’t like them. In order for friendship to happen empathy is needed. I don’t show empathy and am therefore a loner with no friends. Sometimes I do fake empathy but just to be polite, not to the point where it can be considered friendship. I do enjoy online interaction however, and I consider it to be better intellectually. You can learn about new cultures all around the world, not just the same boring local acquaintances. The internet is home to big amounts of knowledge. I think I learn more in the internet that irl.

Thank you for your comment

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