My school does not think i am “autistic enough” to receive special education

My daughter is in special Ed. Children are usually admitted into special education at the junior kindergarten level with the goal of transitioning into mainstream classroom depending on their development. They are isolated from the rest of the school - I.e. separate recesses and the classroom is located in it's own branch of the school.

Usually they put people with multiple disabilities in special education. She is moderate-severe ASD and a Global Developmental Delay.

You should get accommodations if needed for sensory. That I agree with.

However, with special education, the focus is more on life skills and helping them to hopefully integrate into a mainstream classroom. I.e. the children have intellectual, communication, and motor control issues and require supervision. My daughter does not mask. People can tell she is different upon meeting here cause I get a lot of dumb questions like "what is wrong with her?"

So I agree you may need assistance but you may not necessarily qualify for the special Ed part.

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