My serious crush is keeping me from moving cities, help?

A girl I work with is someone who I REALLY LIKE. A few steps from love I'd say.

We're not dating, but I dont see why we wont.

She's moving in 6 months to transfer schools out of state, and I have the option to move in a couple of months to different cities within my state for a better job. Thing is I really want to see if she will date me without worrying about co workers.

I believe she likes me back, but wont date me because she has to move and she is also one of my managers.

We're around the same age ( 19f 21m )

I really want her, and would like her in my life in the present and future, and I wouldn't mind moving in 6 months with her.

I feel like if I just move, I will miss an opportunity, or if I don't move and she doesn't want to date later on that I Will regret not moving.

She is my only anchor to my current city and job.

We like each other as people, and I know she thinks I'm attractive. It's just she wont bite my bait. She is definitely a trophy fish.

She knows I like her. I just never got an official answer if she likes me or not.

How should I ask her to hang out for the 4th of july?

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