My sister (F28) is calling me (F24) ungrateful because I don’t want to go out for my birthday. Am I wrong?

You would probably love my life then, I don't want a fuss made about for me but it would have been nice if someone cared enough to make a fuss about me on my birthday. I don't even have a friend who would invite me out for a few drinks, I don't think my wife has ever gotten me anything on my birthday, I honestly haven't gotten a cake a card or even a small gift since I was 14 now that I think about it. Christmas goes about the same way, it hurts because I always go out of my way to the point it stresses me out to get people thoughtful gifts, and I don't even get gifts from anyone but my parents. I get to talk my wife into letting me buy something I shouldn't once in a while for these holidays.

Last year I did no gifts at all for anyone for any occasion, I reciprocated at least. My wife mustered up and bought me scotch on valentines day, I cried in private afterwards.

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