My sister makes these amazing goldfish sculptures, I thought you guys would admire her attention to detail :)

I love her art; she’s very talented. But I actually ordered this and the version with the butterfly telescope back in March. She never shipped it and ignored my emails and messages for weeks and weeks. I’m normally patient about this kind of thing, to a fault. Like I’ll eat the wrong meal at a restaurant rather than send it back, or complain. But I eventually got frustrated and got snooty on her Instagram about it. She finally messaged me saying she’d refund my money and send me what I ordered anyway. She was so nice and I felt bad and apologized for getting rude. But then she still forgot to refund me or ship them. I messaged again, and she then refunded my money. Still never sent me the two I wanted though. I was so disappointed my husband tried ordering it secretly for me and now she hasn’t sent it after his order or answered he messages either so he just told me about it. I guess I’ll give up on ever receiving it which sucks because they’re beautiful and I like to support independent artists.

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