"My son will not be in a Gang, who ever has a problem come see me"

As someone who hates his parents, and for good reason, fuck you. Parenting is a responsibility, not a favor. A parent's job is to love, nurture, and prepare their child for the future. They demanded respect just because they were older than me. They demanded respect because we share genes. They demanded respect just because they put a roof over my head (good job, that's literally the bare minimum and anything less than that could possibly land you in prison).

That kind of mentality is utter bullshit. My father is an emotionally abusive liar and my mother's a manipulative bitch. They didn't take care of me, they ruled over me with fear. My father wouldn't look for a fucking job when I was in high school, after he lost his last one. He still doesn't have one. I was the one paying the bills for his sorry ass while he laid in his room reading books all day, bitching about how messy the house was. As if it would kill him to get off his ass and clean up himself. Then the motherfucker had the audacity to threaten to have the cops escort me off his property because I wouldn't put up with his bullshit. Of course he didn't though. He just screamed at me making hollow threats as usual. I also knew damn well he wouldn't try to put his hands on me again, since I got bigger by then.

And don't get me started on my mother. I was nothing more than a slave to her. She tried to brainwash me into staying home and taking care of her just so she wouldn't have to get a job or do anything around the house. And now that she's disabled from chain-smoking and sitting on her ass for 20-something years, she's somehow "shocked" that I don't see her as my mother anymore. Bitch slapped me just because I didn't get a bagel for her fast enough. I don't take any of her shit now.

I'm making my own future, and it couldn't come soon enough thanks to them. I may not be the best person, but at least I know I'm better than them.

/end rant

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