My sources confirm that the #Canucks did not have Mitchell Miller on their draft board. Wasn’t even a consideration once they learned of his past. Instant DND (Do Not Draft).

Bullied an African American, mentally challenged classmate for over 10 years.

He did it along with another friend of his. The other friend apologized.

Miller however had his PR people apologize for him, but never sent that apology to the victim. Then up to a couple of years ago the mother of the victim (who completely forgives the other kid who apologized) claims he was still skating by his house and mocking him.

The Coyotes drafted him and are now getting their asses kicked for it (he fell in the draft partly because of his history and the ‘Yotes saw him as a ‘value pick’ (ie ‘we can get him a lot lower than he should actually be picked’).

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