My Stay at home husband/dad is mad I don't clean enough and says I'm 'just the money'

Wow that went to "one of you will die" real quick lmao.

I mean, I don't not agree with you, there's definitely a manhood aspect to what we're experiencing right now. He feels like I don't appreciate him, and I in turn feel like he's being a real diva. I can't deny the whole biology aspect of things and maybe he feels immsaculated, but that also isn't my fault and shouldn't be my 'problem' for him to get angry and all in my face aggressively discontented about. If he wants a different life, it's right there for him to take, because that's what I provide for him - the option to do anything he wants to. He can work and we can get daycare. But he chooses not to. I'm not sure what to do with that, or how much emotional bandwidth I can allocate to that without it being downright abusive.

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