My team asked me to write down some Teamcomps for our ranked team, looking for some examples.

Top : irelia Mid : kayle Jungle : warwick Adc : sivir Support : braum

I've run this with decent success, what you've got is basically an attack speed based pick comp where warwick farms till 6 and then attempts to roam around with kayle and irelia to pick people quickly with multiple forms of damage so that you can't build against it. Warwicks howl now effects friendly heroes around him so having havibg multiple attackspeed centric laners to wail on a person equals a ridiculous amount of damage. The key is to have kayle not lose lane which and to deny early game junglers during the draft (lee reksai vi) tank junglers shouldn't be too scary as braum offered enough disengage once those tanks usually come online. Warwick then should prioritize making sure kayle doesn't feed and establishing deep vision around toplane to allow those lanes to scale, bot needs to go even and fend for itself. Also the comp heavily relies on your braum player to hit multiple people with q in the fight as well as offering peel from the enemy engage with r. With proper vision from your jungler and support should lead to picks with ww ult. If you can avoid using howl during a skrimish do so, if sivir doesn't have to be there have her shove a lane. If you pick somebody and the aforementioned conditions are met you should immediately group and shove a lane with howl on everybody, check range before you do it because it's not high. The pushing power from kayle and sivir along with the attackspeed should make short work of objectives. Teamfights should go your way if you can kite, if not avoid it. Substitutes to consider is to have ezreal zed or lissadra mid, nidalee nunu sejuani jungle and having warwick support (for the adventurous and a personal favorite)

TL;DR Warwick howl op

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