My theory on what’s happening with Apex Legends

I get angry and sad every match i play. I play since s0 and with Apex i find after a lot of time a game width the perfect style and movment i desire. I was really happy when play in s0 but more time pass more i get the opposite feeling and get tired for all the problem the game have atm... no news about new season rest quiet until the DAY or the WEEK of release and this create zero hype and get people like me out the game for stress about no news..... No comunication a zero fix for all bug, dashboarding, SBMM, continue nerf the most played legend like wraih and thinking with the gibby nerf they change the meta but for all of us make impossible to play a normal match with friend to make the entire expirience very stressfull mix with the other problem(bug,server crash, bad server, ecc...). Agree 100% with you.

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