my therapist insists on his wrong diagnosis

He does love the dms5. And when i tell him that,for example, i dont have an issue with eye contact or sensory issues or stimms, his response is 'you re very high functioning'. If you can still have aspergers without all the symptoms, they maybe he is right. I had seen numerous therapists and psychiatrists as a teen and adult. As a teen because i was acting out. And i believe they wouldve noticed any behaviour related to autism.

Im sorry you went a wrong diagnosis, and especially in that young age. Im glad you got the right diagnosis, it can be life changing. Thats what i tell my T as well, are you sure im autistic? Cos the 'treatment' wont be the same if im just a misanthropist with trust issues.(thats what i think i am lol).

I didnt enjoy socializing as a kid, because i hated people. My parents tried to push me to meet people etc, but i didnt want to. And my T's mind is stuck in that phrase. Believing that my parents thought i was autistic.

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