My thoughts on improving clojure adoption in the industry.

I already responded on Twitter, but I'll also do it here:

You should never push a technology, unless it's best for the problem at hand or the company in the long run. Clojure is suited for a lot of problems and it would be nice to see more Clojure in the world. But sometimes a company isn't served by individuals pushing their favorite tech. A lot of times these persons move on and then the company has a maintenance problem. I once worked in a company where they asked me to do a project in Clojure. If you used common sense, this project was more suited for PHP, given what they already had and the skills of the majority of the company. I did it in Clojure anyway, but guess what, years later, they are going to port it back to PHP. I didn't push Clojure myself then, but it wouldn't have been appropriate if I did so in that case.

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