My Thoughts on Trap Team

Normally I don't watch video reviews like this but in this case I made it through the whole thing. I am however tore between opinions on this, partially as a parent paying for the game for my 5 year old, another part that enjoys watching my son enjoy every aspect of TT, and lastly as a game fan myself.

TT is the first Skylanders game that we have played due to our son's age, but he is truly enjoying it very much. Due to the obvious cost involved for any of the Skylanders series of games we decided to use stay figures and expansions as part of a positive reinforcement system that our son gets for helping around the house, doing good in school and practicing tae kwon do with me. There have been weeks that he didn't get anything, but when he does his face lights up and he cannot wait to play the game with me. I do understand the added cost with traps, and can see both sides to this argument. On one hand, $5.99 isn't all that bad and adds the option of just swapping out traps rather than forcing you to pick one villain for that element in a level. On the other, more than one trap of an element is t required. True it takes more time, and more repeating of levels to get the enhanced versions of those said villains, however I play Clash of Clans (name is Nore in the clan The Blue Angel) and in that game you can speed up the process by purchasing gems, but it's also not required. It does take longer if you don't buy gems, but that's another take on a different game system but a point I feel is relavent.

It will be interesting to see what the next version looks like. I'm a newer fan of the series but know enough that it looks like TFB who did TT will not be back for the next version. Time will tell but at this point I for one will be getting it because my son is just simply having too much fun with both the figures and spending time playing a game with his dad, and after all, isn't that what's really important?

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