My thoughts as a veteran steam pug

  1. Giving the player 15-20 mechbays to start.

That number is far too high, that's enough mechbays for 6+ months of gameplay and new players would have far less incentive to spend money on the game. 4 mechbays is not enough to play longterm but it is enough for a new player to try out the game and decide if its worthwhile investing time and money in. At that point if someone unwilling to pay $15-30 for 6+ months of gameplay then it is also highly unlikely they would actually stick around anyway. Personally I think it should be at least 6 mechbays to keep in line with the 3 mech mastery situation, but 20-25 is just far too many.

  1. Making an in-game tutorial on mech building, so players aren't completely confused.

When was the last time you played a new game and actually used or learned anything useful from a tutorial? The majority of gamers simply do not use them and a new player will learn more within their first day of playing than they would learn in a tutorial. Rather than wasting money developing a tutorial what MWO needs instead is an easily accessible and searchable information database to allow players to quickly lookup anything they don't understand, as well as quickly access player guides and hints. Other games like World of Tanks has them but MWO's online information has barely been updated since 2012/2013 and is painfully inadequate.

  1. Giving players a bit more money.

PGI has upped the amount players earn gradually but just like my response to point 1, if they are overly generous then there would be no point to buying premium time or using MC to buy mechs. The grind in MWO is already considerably less than that of other similar games, as well as MMOs, so I don't think this is a major issue. However I would like to see PGI make some mechs more accessible , such as having weekly cbill sales on various less popular chassis or making lower tier mechs cost less permanently.

  1. For the love of god change domination

I'm neutral on this. All the modes are still essentially just variations of skirmish (the same problem exists in basically all online shooters) but domination, as it stands, at least offers some variation in terms of positioning during the game. I don't know if increasing the circle would help and it may actually have the effect of just causing games to play out more like regular skirmish.

  1. PvE would be great, but would take longer to code.

A full solo player mechwarrior game using MWO's engine would be awesome but it's is an unrealistic expectation for MWO itself. It would require an entire development team (more than just the engineers who currently maintain MWO) and would probably need to be developed and sold as a separate game to justify the costs involved.

  1. CW needs work, we all know this, but it is the most difficult to change.

I completely agree here. However I think PGI needs to focus on the core functions of the game (mech/weapon balance, the ingame chat system, getting rid of the need to constantly switch modules on mechs etc) working better first before going after CW/FW again. They have limited resources and they keep getting caught up trying to fix too many problems at once and never solving any of them. That's why I think they should get the core ones done first then work on stuff like FW that isn't so essential.

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