To My Three Day Internet Romance

Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I'll own my actions. This wasn't my most saintly move.

Honestly though, I still think he's a good man. Not sure what "a man like this" even means. He treated me well (up until ditching me). And I think he treats his girlfriend very well. From what he told me they have a healthy relationship. I would be surprised if it couldn't survive some internet bimbo sending him some tit photos and telling him he's handsome

I mean, I could sit and justify it all day, I won't, cause you probably don't care, I don't really either. And it's not the point you're trying to make, I don't think.

What you're trying to say is I acted with only my interests in mind, and this is what I got for it. And you're partially right. I thought of myself first, but I did care for him, and even for her, and their relationship. Enough to talk him out of being sexual with me (though I let him talk himself back into it. Again, not so saintly)

There you have it, I take responsibility for my part, but note that it was the smaller part.

Am I the victim in this? Absolutely not, I knew exactly what I was doing

Do I deserve to be left hanging? Maybe

Am I "mad" or upset about it? No

Would I do it again? Probably

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