My tipout for January was $1052, which is 19.46% of my tips and I owe my employer money :(

I’m a bit confused. I’m in Cali so it might be pretty different. I make pretty darn good money and if I’m having a solid week 35-40 hours equal a 50$-0$ pay check. When it’s zero they do like a tax credit that rolls over to the next pay check. All hourly. All my tips go home with me and I deal with the extra taxes when I have to.

The tip out though. Out of my tips it’s usually 25-30% of my tips. Varies only because it’s based on sales and some nights the tip % to me is better.

I guess what I’m confused about is; is your employer taking taxes out of your cc tips as apposed to just using your regularly hourly? Does it show those deductions from your tips to taxes on your paycheck? I don’t really understand the cc charge fee but last year I probably tipped out 25ksh.... that’s just the biz.

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