My Uncle Robert is an Absolute Legend

Yes jojo's has so much meme potential. This is perfect we need more of this. I like this quite a lot I hope to see it often. More people should see this as it is quite good yes. Quite good. When I saw this I upvoted and smiled. I didn't laugh though just quickly exhaled. That is good though quite good that means I enjoyed it. Because I did. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Jojo's is quite enjoyable and memes of Jojo's makes it even more enjoyable. Especially when it is a relatable meme like this one is. Quite good quite #relatable. More memes like this one need to be made and posted to reddit. People would like that. I don't actually know if people would like it but I certainly would so more of this should be posted. More memes like this of course, not memes in general no no, more jojo memes, the percent of jojo's memes is not high enough, more must be posted. Good meme. Yes. Very good meme.

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