IT at my university is taking away everyone's Ethernet because OSU already did. Good idea?

What infrastructure do you think is going to run wirelessly? All clients (PC's, iPhones, iPads, etc.) will be on wireless. You realize we have more than 100 in both of our office within 100 ft of eachother? You wouldn't even take the entire library down, anyone acting maliciously will trip multipe fail safes we have in place. Yes while a jammer will do that job that is true for anywhere and is highly illegal. Not to mention we could pinpoint exact location of such device, our AP's include dedicated security radios for such purpose.

As for it shitting itself it has nothing to do with the wireless infrastructure, I've pointed this out in multiple other threads, it is an issue with our core routers that has hopefully been resolved due to a firmware rollback. We haven't had the same complaint and issues after we have moved some of the networks around to other routers. All OSUWireless issues in previous weeks were due to the core routers. We are working with out vendor on preventing this from happening again. As for your failsafes, you mention on wired that isn't the case for the academic buildings most buildings ran with a mind set anyone can plug in anywhere. This process would be too time consuming for the size of the campus and how many engineers and admins we have. We do have other methods of security but its not near the level you mention like you see in dorm locations.

Also, to reiterate the entire thing is backboned by a Access Controller that has a list of all certificates that each PC has it's own much like SSH that it can control what network you get on. This process is very unlikely to get spoofed in anyway as our AP's aren't L2 devices like many access points we are using what are essentially L3 AP's that create GRE tunnels back to the controllers in one of two data centers on campus. Intercepting a handshake won't get you anywhere on OSUWireless because of this, much like we are investigating moving to 802.1X on the wired because of these security features.

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