My wife (F37) wants me (M30) to have a vasectomy

Where I live they wouldn’t allow it. There was a waiting period and multiple interviews because I was under 40 (38 at the time).

Really? Where do you live, if you don't mind answering? I've heard of men 18-24 being denied it by doctors because they assume you're "too young", although from what I understand there's no laws preventing it over 18 anywhere in the U.S., just that doctors aren't required to perform it if they don't want to. Same with cosmetic plastic surgery. But usually the reasons are because the man is single and childless, although I've heard of some making exceptions if the man is willing to save some sperm, just in case. But I can't see why any doctor would object to a 38 year old man. Same with a married 30 year old man who already has 2 children.

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