My wife and I (mid 20s) could be financially independent, but we're not sure what to do

Does it make sense to keep working, considering we love our jobs?

Well, you have a mid-seven figure nest egg (or larger, depending what you had), small expenses (20k/yr), but you enjoy doing what you do. FI isn't about giving the finger to the world and not working, but letting you do what you want without any of the concern about money. Congrats, you're FI. You could not work another day in your life, and you'll still have money to give to your kids.

What would you do in our position?

For starters, I'd stop thinking that I had to do anything. You enjoy your job, she enjoys hers, so keep working! When you get tired of doing that, leave your company on good terms, and go on to the next challenge you want to do. You love your work now, but eventually you'll burn out. Your motivation to 'put in the hours' goes down when you don't have to choose between putting the hours in or not eating.

I'd also have a series of conversations with my wife on how much lifestyle inflation we should do. Yeah, you live frugally now, and you may want to continue that for a few years, but eventually you'll see the huge sum you have and ask yourself what's the point of living this way? Discuss how you want the inflation to occur, maybe you want to give yourself a 3-5% spending raise per year for the foreseeable future. Don't let it sneak up on you.

If you want to travel, spend at least a year doing it now. Start on your family before you're 30, but you can get some sightseeing done before then. Kids change what vacations you choose to go on. They also have schedules that they'll need to keep, School keeps you in a location for nine months out of the year. If you want to go take three months to tour Australia, now is the time.

Lastly, my situation is different than yours, but if I had 4+M, I'd put my notice in Monday. I'm not burned out on this job, but my interest in working in general is tiny. I'd love to knock work out of the family-hobbies-work balance.

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