My wife is a pervert.

First of all, I understand that it's an invasion of your privacy and all, but just because she loves seeing you masturbate doesn't make HER a pervert. Have you ever thought that maybe she's sexually and physically attracted to you? Because if you calling her a pervert, then why are YOU masturbating????

You see how contradictory that sounds?

That's your wife. If she loves it, she loves it. It's like the saying goes, she like it, I love it. On top of that, give her a sense of what she wants. Send her pictures and videos. If that's what makes her happy, hot, and loving you more, give her what she loves. Heck, I LOVE sending thirst traps to my girl who loves it, and not to mention, she sends some back and it gives each other a confidence boost and a self-esteem boost. Don't knock the messenger. Perhaps a better way would be for you both to draw closer and explore your intimacy with each other. Bond a little bit more. Increase it. It gets better. I'd rather have my girl look at me masturbating than turning around and seeing someone else who looks 20X better than me.

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