MyTEAM Advice Thread - March 26, 2019

Yeah, I’m currently saving for him now dude. Running Oscar Robertson right now. He’s on that same level defensively.

Also because he’s 6’4 anyone running a point forward who’s 6’8 or taller their defensive badges won’t effect you. So people running Giannis, Lebron, and so on at the one won’t be able to drop any of your offensive badges. The thing is, if Payton is on someone 6’8 or taller his Defensive stopper is negated. In this case I’d just switch him on the two guard. If someone is running a whole lineup of 6’8+ forwards then it’s whatever. HOF Pick Pocket will still work and yeah some have ball control but all of those 6’8+ small forwards can’t dribble. That’s cookies all day.


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