[NA] Bohemian Rhapsody now confirmed to re-expand into 1300+ North American theaters this wknd with 750+ of them playing a new sing-along version. Hit film is on the verge of crossing $750M at global box office.

I now think BR will end up with the third-highest OS-China gross of 2018, after A:IW and JW:FK--sequels to two of the highest-grossing movies of all time. I don't think Aquaman is likely to beat it on that metric--the way things are trending, it could make around $200m more in non-China countries, hit $1.25b worldwide ($290m China, $360m US, $600m OS-China), and still lose out to BR.

Incidentally, I really don't think this board gives Fallen Kingdom the respect it deserves. BR is an international beast that broke out in almost every country it released in, has pretty much trounced it in Europe and Australia, and was a phenomenon in South Korea and Japan... but it still probably won't make it to Fallen Kingdom's $630.5m OS-China gross. And that's after a huge fall from the original's $790m.

Why? Partly because JW mostly canceled out BR's wins in Europe with its own wins in Latin America, but mostly because BR actually bombed hard or wasn't released in almost every other Asian country while JW:FK did amazingly well in almost all of them. In Taiwan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more, FK was a blockbuster while BR was nowhere to be seen...

JW has to be the most consistently appealing international franchise out there (unless you count Avengers as a franchise distinct from Marvel). I seriously don't think there's a single country where it didn't do well. It would honestly shock me if the next one doesn't do an easy billion as well; the last one didn't even have bad legs OS for a huge movie (3.2x, compared to 3.4x for the first one and 2.5x for Infinity War) so I don't see any reason to suspect it was poorly received. It's honestly bizarre to me that this series isn't talked about more.

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