[NA][DOM][PvE] Introducing <Root> the newest raiding guild on Nexus (T/Th/Sun 7:00pm - 10:00pm PST)

Hey there,

Are you guys still looking for a tank?

Been playing for about 60 in-game hours, just hit cap last night, running a Warrior Tank. I've started my attunement for GA this morning, almost have enough elder gems for the key(won't have it until Tuesday due to weekly cap). Been running veteran shiphands for gear in preparation for veteran adventures/dungeons.

I've played WoW since launch and up to and including Wraith/Cata. Experienced in main/off tanking, DPS-ing, as well as healing in all the raids leading up to those expansions. I've done end-game content in ToR as well but only as a healer. As a tank, I've always researched any encounter before-hand to make sure I understand the mechanics, I have yet to look in-depth into any of the raid content. While I can't guarantee that I will never be the cause of a wipe, I can promise that I can pay attention, am a fast learner, and know how to run my class. I have experience with other indie mmo's, such as Eternal-Lands, The Odyssey Classic and Runescape.

Some questions for you, just to make sure this is the right guild for me: 1. How competitive are you guys? I'm looking for a guild that is adamant about getting server/world firsts, etc..., is this <Root>? 2. The most memorable guilds I've been a part of were always able to fuck around on vent and have fun while still keeping a forward momentum during raids to remain competitive with other guilds. Does this atmosphere describe <Root>? 3. PvP is just as important to me as PvE. While not a deal-breaker, it would be great to have some guild members that want to participate in arena. How much do you guys participate in PvP content?

I can make all the raid times. I am willing to help new members get ready for raids(e.g. gearing, attuning, etc...). My phone number will be available where you can get in touch with me, whether it's an off-night or raid night, for whatever reason. I am 25 years old, live in Colorado. I am a video game developer with steady work hours, have no kids, no spouse, and my romantic life consists entirely of one-night 'events' thanks to online dating sites. So, there is literally nothing preventing me from participating in raids. I'll be super active on vent/teamspeak, unless you don't want me to be super active on vent/teamspeak.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, PM me here. I can give you my in-game username through PM as well. Hoping to finalize finding a guild by the end of this weekend.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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