[NA] 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' grossed an estimated $16.40M this weekend. That was down just 16% from last weekend. 40-Day total stands at $338.06M.

Which made it a genuinely "weird" cinematic universe. The conceptual minimum for a "CU" is arguably just having multiple films in a shared universe where at least one isn't a direct sequel/prequel of the other films. When people say "cinematic universes" they usually are thinking of a more specific bundle (e.g. periodic "Avengers" style films where everyone teams up). You're not going to get Tom Cruise in 5-6 of your films over 7 years (Thor & Cap). Perhaps if DU had succeeded people people's imagined bundle would change but it was DOA.

To reconcile our conflicting positions: Marvel's success is why everyone wants their own cinematic universe. It's actually would be pretty hard/expensive for Sony to retrofit Jumanji into a "cinematic universe" for the reasons I mentioned.

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