[NA] Star Wars will soon leave the top 10 all-time boxoffice list for the first time in 40 years



Reports on an earlier version of Aquaman, which even had actors attached to star.


Reports of Wan and WB having disagreements.

I don't keep a record of every rumour I read, but there's a few.

about your argument that WB needs to go full PG13 to compete with Marvel

When did I say that? Go on. Show me when I said that. Because I didn't. I said that WB needs to focus on winning audiences first before making R-rated risks later. That's why I mentioned Logan. Fox could take that risk because the franchise had already established itself. I never said they started the trend. I said they could afford to take the risk of making R-rated superhero movies in a franchise that also makes PG-13 movies because they'd established their franchise for over 10 years at that point. Making R-rated movies in a franchise still struggling to get off the ground would be financial suicide at this point. DC can make R-rated movies in the DCEU sure, but they need to establish themselves first. And locking characters children love like Harley Quinn into movies they can't see is an insane decision until the franchise is more established.

And BTW, WB/DC weren't the first to make R-rated comic book movies. Universal was the first with Weird Science in 1985. Marvel was the first with an R-rated Superhero movie with The Punisher in 1989. Constantine was the first R-rated comic book movie WB released. By that point there'd already been 14 R-rated comic book movies including 6 by Marvel (The Punisher 1989, Blade, Blade 2, Blade Trinity, The Punisher 2004, Daredevil). And on average, Marvel has made MORE R-rated comic book movies than WB and DC (10 to DC's 6, and that's only if you count The Killing Joke, Justice League Dark and the extended cut of Batman V Superman).

If you really think DC and WB will make R-rated DCEU movies while the movies keep underperforming (which Suicide Squad did) then it's time for a wake up call.

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