[NA] Star Wars will soon leave the top 10 all-time boxoffice list for the first time in 40 years

Jeez dude. Do you even read ANYTHING I write?

This is weird. WB does not mean that they're sticking exclusively to R rated movies.

I never said that. Learn to read.

Suicide Squad had to make $750 million to break even according to Hollywood Reporter's leak, which we know is very truthful as it contains details about the production we know to be true (the script being written in six weeks, the trailer company making a new cut of the film).

And you can't take anything producers, actors, directors etc. say at face value. Especially if they're denying a story that would give them/a movie bad publicity. You have to be skeptical.

And honestly dude, I'm kind of bored of this now. We're going in circles, you're not reading what I put and if you are you're putting words in my mouth (making it seem like I'm saying something I didn't). I have 1000 things better to do with my time if you're going to keep doing that. Like, I paused Kingdom Hearts to write this. And I'm regretting doing so.

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