Why is NAC godsend for others and crap for others (like me)? (Sexual side effects maybe even..?)

I got the exact same reaction when I first tried NAC.. I actually tried it a couple seperate times first with the same results & would stop taking it after a couple days thinking it was shit. Anyway down the track sometime I ended up reading about a study they conducted in Australia and how it doesn’t really do much for psychiatric problems unless you take it for at least 2-6 months straight. I suffer from a few different mood related problems and was going through a rough patch so I sucked it up and forced myself to take 1 gram a day for a decent amount of time. Anyway I got like a month and bit in and all of a sudden realised my moods had been much more stable, my Anxiety was non existent (I’m back to drinking caffeine for the first time in years) and I felt generally better. The only real side effect I get from it is vivid dreams and a slight headache so I take it at night and the headache is gone by the morning..

The stuff actually works if you take it properly for a good period of time. Who would have thought. Now I look back on it I reckon the side effects the first few times I took it were psychosomatic.

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