Name all your countries!

Edarian Empire - Edaria, mentioned below, and all of the conquered lands constituting its empire. Ascalone EE - Former seat of the Dragon Crown, famous for its ruined capital and located on the disputed border of the Eastern EE. Aschillia EE - A bunch of city-states with toga wearing philosophers, rich merchants, mercenary soldiers and some autonomy. Centron EE - Capital of an old empire, seat of the main religion in the empire, similar culture as Aschillia. Edaria proper - Great art, architecture, wine and heavy cavalry. Frygia EE - Mountainous area with a goat herding people wielding strange swords, many ecstatic cults, some nice architecture. Drakone EE/disputed - Rebellious province in the south, a maritime people, appreciate good wines, got nothing to do with dragons, whatever the name implies. Other EE provinces - there is a bunch, but no names yet.

The North - Region of lands to the north, seperated from the main land, population of both Humans and Trolls.

Southland N - The mightiest kingdom, the greatest cities in the region, the least democratic and the only one which is part of the main land.

Midland N - Ruled, in theory, by the elected Jarl, a former province of Southland and got many influential trading companies.

North Kingdom N - Ironically it doesn't have a king, very democratic and decentralised, many old tales took place here.

Fargard N - The place where the old faith is practiced the most, the king is elected by the people.

Ysterland N - Mostly wilderness to the east, some rough but honest people live here, very independent.

The Castillian Isles N - Island chain, High Castle is the most prominent, depending on the perspective great warriors or pirates.

Trolls - Supernatural, NOT evil, don't use steel or iron, some live for thousands of years, often figure in old Nordic tales and taught humans a lot.

There is more, but this will do for now :)

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